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Bra Fitting by Appointment Only

Bra Fitting Advice

The Correct Bra Fitting


It is imperative that you have the correct fitting bra.  By wearing the wrong size, you’ll be amazed at the difference in terms of comfort and support you’ll get once this is corrected.


The right sized bra with the back fastening and the straps not fitted correctly can also be very uncomfortable.


The best way of knowing that the bra is suitable for you in that particular size, is to be measured.


Different brands and styles usually have a different sizing.  

Royce Lingerie however, are usually very accurate in their sizing across all their ranges, which has been gained from their numerous years of experience.

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Back Size Measuring

Whilst wearing a bra, put the tape measure under your bust and join the tape, reading the measurement.  

This can be done in cm or inches.

Add 4 inches to an even number or 5 inches to an uneven number     29 + 5 = 34       32 + 4 = 36


Cup Size Measuring

Whilst wearing a bra, measure around the fullest part of bust.  

Compare this measurement to your back size measurement.    Same = A     1 inch bigger = B     2 = C     3 = D    

4 = DD     5 = E     6 = F     7 = FF     8 = G     9 = GG    10 = H     11 = HH    13 = J     14 = K

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Incorrect Fitting Bra


Back strap riding up = Bra back size too big = Try a smaller back size


Back size too tight = Go up a back size & down a cup size = Fasten in centre of hooks available

to ensure scope to tighten or slacken.


Cups are wrinkling or baggy = Cup size too big.


Breasts are not fully enclosed in cup size, bulging at the neckline or underarms = Need a bigger cup size



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A Correctly Fitting Bra


Firm around the body with a level strap at the back on second or third eye.

Shoulder straps tightened or loosened as necessary.

Breasts should be well enclosed within the cups.

The centre front should sit reasonably well back although a wire free bra will not fit as far back as  an underwired.

Snug fit at the neckline and underarm edges, allowing the bra to not feel tight or appear gaping.


After breast surgery, it is imperative that a non wired bra is used – Wired can cause further breast tissue damage.

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